Services Provided


Basic, In Depth, Yearly
Readings are intuitive; cards are used to help you visualize the wisdom coming through.

Basic  $36 / 33€

In Depth  $75 / 69€

Yearly View    $90 / 81€


Designed to release energetic blockages and promote blood flow.

Massage $55/hr ; 40€/hr
90 min. $81; 60€

Life coaching

Private and Group Sessions Available
Sessions are ongoing and designed to walk you through life-changing decisions  and their implementation.
$80/hr (5 hr Package $330)
72€/hr (5 hr Package 300€)


Together, we will craft a ceremony that allows you to visualize and affirm the intentions of your personal healing journey. Sacred plant medicine is available as an option to ceremonies.


234€ 3hrs

$270 3 hrs

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What clients say

  • Wonderful Experience

    This was my first experience with psilocybin. Kasham did a great job providing me the resources and information that I needed to feel comfortable with my session. She took a lot of care in my Read more…

  • Meeting Expectations

    Typically our satisfaction in life is made up of a formula of Expectations / Reality = Happiness… I can honestly say that the experience was perfectly imperfect! As an experienced Psychonaught on their healing journey, Read more…

  • What a Wonderful Journey

    Kasham and Kirsty were both amazing guide and such wonderful person. Everything is prepared and set up to really go safely in this incredible inner journey. They take care of everything you really need to Read more…

  • Transformational

    Kasham and Kirsty hosted an incredible retreat! I’d never done Psilocybin before but they made me feel safe and calm and the whole process was well organised and structured. With their help I did some Read more…

  • Intuitive and loving

    That was just a great experience with a great professional. I felt in total trust and fully suported all along the way. Thank you só much, Kasham! Isabelle

  • Boy, Mind & Soul Feels at Home

    Thank you so much Kasham, for your excellent massages.I enjoyed the experience from start to finish and have been in best hands.Everything, body, mind and soul feels at home again after your massage!I’m so looking Read more…

About Me

Accredited Training

In September, I will complete an Accredited Shamanic Practitioner  Training

Accredited Shamanic Practitioner training

Hayhouse Certified Angel Tarot reader