Change is inevitable ; personal transformation is a choice.

Services Provided


Basic, In Depth, Yearly
Readings are intuitive; cards are used to help you visualize the wisdom coming through.

Basic  $36 / 33€

In Depth  $75 / 69€

Yearly View    $90 / 81€


Designed to release energetic blockages and promote blood flow.

Massage $55/hr ; 40€/hr
90 min. $81; 60€

Life coaching

Private and Group Sessions Available
Sessions are ongoing and designed to walk you through life-changing decisions  and their implementation.
$80/hr (5 hr Package $330)
72€/hr (5 hr Package 300€)


Together, we will craft a ceremony that allows you to visualize and affirm the intentions of your personal healing journey. (Soul retrieval, shamanic journeys, power animal totem, etc.) Sacred plant medicine is available as an option to ceremonies.


234€ 3hrs

$270 3 hrs

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What clients say

  • I felt safe & protected

    Highly recommending a retreat with Kasham! Kasham’s 7-day experience was the perfect balance of transformative inner work and rest. Every aspect of the retreat was so thoughtfully designed for our healing — the BEST vegan Read more…

  • Not only the ceremony, but the entire retreat

    I had a really beautiful time at the three-day retreat I attended. It is important to note, it is not only the ceremony that is a wonderful experience but the entire retreat which Kasham fills Read more…

  • For Someone Like Me…

    Thank you Kasham, Hanna, and Duggie for this magical experience. I have never felt safer and more protected by the love, kindness, and wisdom of your beautiful spirits. For someone like me, who is locked Read more…

  • Love & Warmheartedness

    Two words: love and warmheartedness. (Is this a word?). You feel so safe and secure in the presence of Kasham. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of yet another step up the “mountain” 🙏🏻❤️ Read more…

  • The guide you need

    I am very glad to have met Kasham and extremely grateful for the journey upon which we went together. Her knowledge is an immense resource, but so is her spirit. Both combined are a very Read more…

  • …tailored just for me!

    I write this review two weeks after returning from a truly life changing retreat with Kasham. My focus for retreat revolved around healing and spiritual growth. When I saw the retreat schedule upon arrival I Read more…

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