Change is inevitable ; personal transformation is a choice.

Services Provided


Basic, In Depth, Yearly
Readings are intuitive; cards are used to help you visualize the wisdom coming through.

Basic  $36 / 33€

In Depth  $75 / 69€

Yearly View    $90 / 81€


Designed to release energetic blockages and promote blood flow.

Massage $55/hr ; 40€/hr
90 min. $81; 60€

Life coaching

Private and Group Sessions Available
Sessions are ongoing and designed to walk you through life-changing decisions  and their implementation.
$80/hr (5 hr Package $330)
72€/hr (5 hr Package 300€)


Together, we will craft a ceremony that allows you to visualize and affirm the intentions of your personal healing journey. (Soul retrieval, shamanic journeys, power animal totem, etc.) Sacred plant medicine is available as an option to ceremonies.


234€ 3hrs

$270 3 hrs

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  • A Life Shifting Experience

    A life shifting experience. It’s hard not to refer life as pre / post retreat. Kasham’s experience as a shamanic practitioner and facilitator makes you feel supported beyond expectation in your journey to transformational change. Read more…

  • Excellent and Sacred

    Kasham has that perfect mix of perception, intuition, expertise and experience. She pours a lot of effort and sacred devotion into her work which enables her to hold a space that is transformative and I Read more…

  • Retreat

    It was a great weekend. Kacham is extremely professional, a warm person, and has great humour. I don’t easily feel safe in a group, but during this weekend that went quite well. i was able Read more…

  • Enlightenment Through Fellowship

    I have had the privilege and pleasure of participating in two of Kasham’s retreats, most recently in June. Kasham’s inspiring work and that of her collaborators for each retreat, made my experience life changing and Read more…

  • Life Changing

    one place has an incredible view, ideal for us to connect with our inner self. I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a once-in-a-lifetime, transformative experience.was incredibly well received, and during my session Read more…

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