I’ve been an Intuitive since childhood. Since the age of 4, I knew I wanted to help others. I began healing work in 1995, with therapeutic massage. As the years have passed, helping others heal has taken many forms and modalities.

My work knows no geographical limits. I grew up in the US, have lived in Haiti, South Korea and now Portugal, sharing my gifts in these countries as well as multiple other countries for short term trips.

In 2013, I added Intuitive Card Reading to my toolbox after I completed the Advance Angel Tarot Card Reader course from HayHouse Publications. A few years later, life coaching and mentorship came onboard. Through this work, am able to reach into the depths, using my strong intuition, to create a safe space for personal transformation.

In Mexico, a Mayan Elder and the only crystal reader in their tribe, performed a recognition ceremony for me as a Healer and Reader in December 2020. In Peru, I was initiated and accepted the role / responsibility as a Curandera (Healer),  and was given permission to serve medicine as a sacred form of healing. In 2022, I completed an internationally Accredited Shamanic Practitioner Training. 
In 2023, I have completed a 4 week course in Fundamentals of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy,  a robust 8-month course in harm reduction in psychedelics: ICEERS Ayahuasca Safety Course, and was selected as a Practicum Supervisor (one of only 2 selected in Europe)  for graduates of a 13-month SYNTHESIS INSTITUTE’s Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training.

I have been the Lead facilitator in over 170 medicine ceremonies.

It’s my honor to do this work, to help you identify your road blocks, heal, raise your vibration, transform and live your best life now!

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