I have had the privilege and pleasure of participating in two of Kasham’s retreats, most recently in June. Kasham’s inspiring work and that of her collaborators for each retreat, made my experience life changing and strengthened my journey of spiritual growth, enlightenment and consciousness.
Kasham invests time and energy one to one with you before retreat so you arrive ready to immerse yourself in fellowship and a journey of discovery of mind and body. You are supported and cared for every step of the way to allow your focus to stay on your intentions for retreat. Post retreat there is more loving support to ensure you settle gently back on your path.
Words fail to fully express my gratitude to Kasham, her fellow collaborators, and the tribe behind the scenes who ensure you are nourished mind, body and soul during your retreat.
I look forward to another retreat and adventure of self discovery with Kasham soon. -Yvette

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