I had the pleasure to be part of a shorter retreat in January with Kasham. I have previously reviewed that on this site but having returned home after that retreat I came to see that my journey was just on hold, paused if you like and when my schedule opened up a little I realised I needed to return to Portugal to continue the healing I had begun two months before. Life is after all one long journey.

I was not disappointed. I dropped back in to a beautiful space and feeling allowing me to connect deeply with myself and others over the course of a week. The diverse range of activities helped to facilitate that process augmented greatly by the singing and music and drumming. All of the facilitators contributed to that experience but Douglas added so much more in particular with the contrast between the didgeridoo, the drums, the flute(s), rain sticks, Tibetan chimes and singing bowls.

The facilities are excellent, as was the food.

This journey also included an option to have a hand poke tattoo from Hanna. I have wanted a phoenix on my arm for several years. Hanna designed the image and with great love used her skill to bring the vision alive. Towards the end of the process I entered a deep state of bliss. I saw again the Wisdom of knowing that there was nowhere to go and nothing to do. It allowed me to just Be, surrendering to the pain which I was present to whilst also separate from. The more I relaxed my arm, the deeper I went. Any pain which resurfaced on a particularly tender part became transmuted in to sparkles of white light of pure love. – Ian

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