5-Day New Year's Eve Transformation Retreat

Mark this moment as a pivot point in your life.

For those who want to answer the call of plant medicine and access their inner wisdom to transform their life.

29 Dec 2023 - 2 Jan 2024

Messines, (Faro) Portugal

You’ve been on a healing journey and you’re asking yourself:

  • How can I identify and break through what’s holding me back?
  • Is there happiness and peace beyond anxiety & depression?
  • What’s my purpose in life?
  • Can plant medicine help me access my healing on a deeper level?

If you don’t heal your wounds and traumas, you continue repeating the same patterns over and over again. Then you find yourself dealing with the same character types, with different names and faces.

When your everyday life is full of distractions, pressures, anxieties or stress, you aren’t able to be present and focus on what really matters: the here and now, authentic connection and peace.

  • Come nourish your Spirit, soul, and body.
  • Break the patterns of your past.
  • Discover the life you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Work through your blocks & learn tools to transform your daily life.
  • Experience a safe, small group (8-12 max), psilocybin ceremonies of inner healing.
  • Usher in the new calendar year with deep inner work.

I have never felt safer and more protected by the love, kindness, and wisdom of your beautiful spirits. For someone like me, who is locked in her own world and finds it difficult to meet new people, having a group retreat was a truly humbling and inspiring experience.

It really made me realize that we all struggle, we are all lost at times, but we are all unique and beautiful, and we don’t have to be alone on this journey called life, and with the guidance of Kasham, truly shamanic energy, we can find balance. It was a beautiful thing to lose the illusion of control and let whatever came to me because once I accepted that it wasn’t about what I wanted, but what I needed, I found a peaceful place in my heart, my home.

-Gosia Google Review April 2023



Sleeping with serene views while in a cozy bed is a dream for nature lovers. Standard in program price is a Shared room /shared restroom

Whether you’re attending with your best friend, or open to meet new people, there’s an option for you! We offer a variety of accommodations at this location.  All rooms are heated by a pellet burner system in the home.


We also offer a limited number of private room/shared restroom and private en suite upgrades at this location.


This beautiful location boasts of scenic views, connection with nature, infinity saltwater pool and an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy world around you while still being just 40 minutes from the airport.

Unforgettable Way to Bring in the New Calendar Year

Friday, we’ll begin the work, in the early afternoon, so that everyone has time to arrive and settle in. Opening circle will be at 15:30. The next days will be balanced between nourishing the Spirit, soul, and body.

You’ll connect with your Spirit through

  • Sacred ceremonies
  • Reflection time
  • Integration

You’ll connect with your soul through

  • Workshops
  • Relaxation time
  • Integration

You’ll connect with your body through

  • Movement
  • Plant based foods
  • Meditation

all while connecting with nature in this serene retreat center nestled in the Algarve.

When we finish the retreat on Tuesday afternoon 13h, you’ll have insights and tools to take with you to continue your healing journey. I also offer a 1:1 post-retreat integration session (included) so that you’re able to touch base in the weeks to come. You are not alone in this journey & I’m honored to be a part of your transformation.

group of friends at retreat
Paula Google Review https://g.co/kgs/YMLBbG

“The first most beautiful, meaningful cathartic spiritual experience that I have experienced. The ceremony was conducted in a such loving, comfortable manner surrounded by nature and lovely people, meditation with soundbath. Personally Kasham was like a mother to me during the ceremony, I felt protected and loved no matter what. Kasham organises and plans out the days of the retreat in a way that nothing is rushed and all flows naturally.

I’m looking forward for another retreat meditation with her and for more healing to happen in her presence. I highly recommend.”

Sample Schedule

SAMPLE Schedule
Day 1
13h-15h Arrive and room assignments
15:30h Opening Circle
18h Dinner
19:30 Night Workshop
Day 2
8h Light breakfast
8:45h Body Movement
9:45 Workshop
11-12:30 Rest/Relax/Spend time in nature
13h Ceremony
21h (ish) Dinner
Take it easy
Day 3
09:30 Body Movement
10:30 Brunch
11:45 Sound Bath
15:30 Workshop
17:45 Dinner
18:45 Integration Circle
20:30 Rest/reflect 
21h Cacau Ceremony/Singing Circle/Bring in the New Year
Day 4
09:30 Body Movement
10:30 Brunch
11:45 Shamanic Herbal Bath
15:30 Workshop
17:45 Dinner
18:45 night workshop
Day 5
Pack/Prepare to check out of room
09:15 Body Movement
10:15 Brunch
11h Closing Circle
13h End

What's Included:

  • 1 Sacred Psilocybin ceremony
  • 1 Cacau Ceremony
  • Sananga (Sacred eye drops)- included yet optional
  • Rapé [rap-PAY]/ Hapé (Sacred snuff)- included yet optional
  • 1:1 Pre Session
  • Workshops (tailored to each group)
  • 1:1 Intuitive Card Reading
  • Group integration sessions
  • Body movement and Grounding sessions
  • Lodging (double occupancy)
  • All meals and snacks at the retreat (vegetarian- catered by an amazing chef)
  • Access to facilitator(s) at all times during retreat
  • 1:1 Follow up integration session post-retreat
  • Exclusive access to a Telegram group
  • Shamanic Drum Journey
  • Shamanic Herbal Bath Ritual
  • Sound Bath
  • Breathwork Session

Reserve Your Space

€500 Euros

Secure your spot. Remaining balance due by Dec 19.

Pay in Full

€1299-1499 Euros

We offer Conscious Contribution. Learn more about that here

Discount codes available this retreat:

NYEEarlyBird €100 discount, expires 28 Nov 2023

SCHOLARSHIPNYE €100 discount for those experiencing financial hardship. (only available for shared accommodations)

Got Questions?

healthy vegan breakfast Cara Creek

Your Facilitators

Intuitive Kasham Retreat Facilitator

Leader- Curandera

I reach into the depths, using my strong intuition to create a safe space for personal transformation. I’ve been initiated in Peru as a Curandera (Healer), serving medicine as a sacred form of healing.

I knew since I was a young child that I wanted to help others. I have been an Intuitive since childhood. The first career aspiration I had was to be “an ambulance driver.” (I graduated from paramedic school in 1998.) During my life, I can see how each career choice, each experience, each teaching moment, has supported doing this work. Although I’ve been helping others heal since the mid ’90s, the medicine path was never on her radar. The medicines themselves chose and taught me. Once I accepted this path, trusted/experienced teachers and mentors showed up to help guide me and confirm best practices. I grew up in the US, but have lived in Haiti, South Korea and now Portugal, sharing my gifts in these countries, as well as multiple other countries for short term trips. As I live and travel abroad, I continue to improve my language skills and, more importantly, integrate diverse cultures into my life.

In 2013, I completed the Advanced Angel Tarot Card Reader course from HayHouse Publications. I’m a member of the International Healers Association, and I am an Internationally Accredited Shamanic Practitioner.

I am able to communicate in English, Haitian Creole, and am conversational in French, Spanish, and basic Korean.

shamooniac hands Tattoo artist Hanna


Hanna is an intentional Tattoo Artist with over 5 years of experience. She creates conscious Tattoo Rituals served with Ceremonial Cacao and meditation.

She explores different ways of meditation, breathing, movement and medicine to enrich her offerings.

She feels deeply connected to the earth and works with the soft grounding of Mother Nature.
Hanna uses her intuition to compassionately tune in with you and the environment.
She carries a deep understanding for every being.

Hanna speaks German and English.

Read more from Hanna about why she does this work here.

  • 1 Sacred Psilocybin ceremony
  • 1 Cacau Ceremony
  • Sananga (Sacred eye drops)- included yet optional
  • Rapé [rap-PAY]/ Hapé (Sacred snuff)- included yet optional
  • 1:1 Pre Session
  • Workshops (tailored to each group)
  • Group integration sessions
  • Body movement and Grounding sessions
  • Lodging (double occupancy rooms)
  • All meals and snacks at the retreat (vegetarian- catered by an amazing chef)
  • Access to facilitator(s) at all times during retreat
  • 1:1 Follow up integration session post-retreat
  • Exclusive access to a Telegram group
  • Shamanic Herbal Bath Ritual
  • Shamanic Drum Journey
  • Sound Bath
  • Breathwork Session
  • 1 hour Bodywork/Massage session available for 60€ (Option) 
  • Handpoke Tattoo ritual (available but booked after registration)
  • Transportation- shuttle add on available
  • Airfare
  • Visa costs
  • Any souvenirs/shopping done outside of retreat or while on excursions
  • Insurance (Highly recommend Travel Insurance to cover any incidentals such as delays or cancelled flights.)

Each day is set (and adjusted) with the dynamic/needs of the group. We have a daily schedule and will adhere to it as closely as possible, again, being flexible to the needs and dynamic of the group. In general, the first day we will arrive, get to know one another, and begin the work with the first sacred circle that evening. Most days will include:

Body Movement
Meals in accordance to the day’s ceremony
Medicine Ceremony

SAMPLE SCHEDULE (a final schedule will be emailed to you closer to the retreat date.)

*Day 1
13-15h Arrive and room assignments
15:30 Opening Circle / activities
Tour grounds
18h Dinner
19h Night Workshop

*Day 2
8h Light breakfast
8:45h Body Movement
9:30h-12h Individual Card Readings 
12:45h MUSEUM DOSE Mushroom Ceremony
20:45h (ish) Dinner

*Day 3
09:00 Body Movement
09:45 Sound Bath
10:30 Brunch
16h Workshop
18h Dinner
18:45 Sharing/Integration Circle
20h Shamanic Drum Journey  (Spirit Animal)

*Day 4
09:00 Body Movement
10h Brunch
11h Shamanic Herbal Bath
16:30h (NOT MANDATORY- depending on how you feel) Workshop
18h Dinner
19h Sunset Workshop

*Day 5
8h Light breakfast 
9:15h Body Movement
Rest/Relax/Spend time in nature
12h Moderate Journey Dose Mushroom Ceremony
20:30h (ish) Dinner

*Day 6
09:00 Body Movement
09:45 Sound Bath
10:30 Brunch
15:30h (NOT MANDATORY- depending on how you feel) Workshop
17h Journal Activity
18h Dinner
18:45 Sharing/Integration Circle
20h Night Workshop

*Day 7
Pack/Prepare to check out of room
09:15 Body Movement
10h Brunch
11h Closing Circle
13h End

  • Positive attitude and open heart
  • Clothes for body movement, which will be simple movements customized for all levels
  • Layers for ceremony
  • Mosquito repellant
  • An email will be sent shortly after registration with detailed information of how to pack and prepare
  • What is Conscious Contribution? Conscious Contribution (prices) allows you to choose how much you’d like to contribute to participate in this program. Feel into your financial situation, the value for the offerings and choose which price point you’d like to have. It’s an energy exchange and we want to make this transformational retreat available to as many as possible. No matter which contribution tier you choose, you’ll receive equal treatment. It’s part of our commitment to helping the world heal and making sacred ceremony available to more people.
  • Is a Psilocybin session safe? 

    Yes. But of course there can be critical circumstances that need to be checked first. We carefully screen the health condition and medications of our guests to ensure that we can safely provide Psilocybin. Additionally we only work with highly trained and experienced facilitators and guides. All facilitators during the ceremonies are very experienced with the medicine and are able to create a safe space of support for all guests equally. Psilocybin is generally very safe when working with it responsibly. 

    Psilocybin is cautioned or strongly advised against under these special circumstances:

    • People with medically diagnosed psychoses, borderline disorder, bipolar disorders and schizophrenia
    • Chronic high blood pressure and unstable heart conditions
    • Other medications that can be unsafe with most psychedelics: Depressants (and sleeping pills) Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), Anti-hypertensives (blood pressure medications), Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs). The medication must be stopped at least 14 days before the ceremony.

    The experience of Psilocybin can be affected negatively under these circumstances:

    • Drugs that should not be combined with Psilocbyin before (at least one week): Amphetamines (like Crystal Meth), MDMA (Ecstasy), Cocaine or any psychedelic Ayahuasca or LSD.
    • Alcohol should be avoided for at least three days before the ceremony.
    • Other medications that should be discontinued: allergy medications like antihistamines, cough syrup with codeine, sedatives, tranquilizers (Benzos), amphetamines (Adderall), some hypertensive medications, sympathomimetic amines (including pseudoephedrine and ephedrine), carbamazipine, methylphemidate (Ritalin), macromerine, phenelanine, tyrosine, tryptophan and asarone.
  • What dose will I take in my session? There are many factors that determine the exact weight of dried medicine you’ll take. We have a 1:1 session as well as your full honesty/disclosure on your registration to help inform dosing. Generally speaking, a session is a “Moderate Dose- Level 3 of 5” which is typically 1.8g-3.5g, which is an inward journey, with the intention for deep healing.  All doses are customized to each participant.
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