What is Conscious Contribution?

Conscious Contribution (prices) allows you to choose how much you’d like to contribute to participate in this program. Feel into your financial situation, the value for the offerings and choose which price point you’d like to have. It’s an energy exchange and we want to make this transformational retreat available to as many as possible. No matter which contribution tier you choose, you’ll receive equal treatment. It’s part of our commitment to helping the world heal and making sacred ceremony available to more people.

Note: When one person pays above the minimum price, rather than putting the extra in our pockets, we create a scholarship/aid fund for others experiencing financial hardship

In the spirit of full transparency: 76% of the price covers costs for the retreat, 24% covers exchange.

How it Works

1. Scroll to the retreat you’d like to attend.

2. Click the Pay in Full button.

3. Type in the amount you can contribute.

4. Click on Pay.

Other Discounts Available

  • Early Bird Discount: This is to reward those who plan ahead. Each retreat has this discount available , but each retreat has its own restrictions (according to the location’s booking policy). If this is available for the retreat you’re interested in, it will be clearly marked with the code to use, discount amount, when it expires and what date the balance in full is due. 

  • Scholarship: Our Conscious Contribution system is a form of scholarship. Therefore, we invite you to choose the lowest price point offered in order to make it more affordable. We also accept payment plans.
  • Dorm/ Alternative Accommodation Discount:  Some locations offer a dorm style accommodations, or pitch your own tent camping option. [Standard at most retreats is a shared accommodation with one other person of the same identifying gender, sharing a bathroom.] If this is available for the retreat you’re interested in, it will be clearly marked with the code to use and discount amount. 

Any discount code will be deducted from the contribution you choose. For example, if you chose to pay €1111 then had an Early Bird discount or a special code, the price would decrease from the 1111€.

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