My experience of the retreat I attended with Kasham was my first introduction to Psilocybin plant medicine in a ceremonial setting in a multi-day group retreat. I came with no expectations, a lot of curiosity, and some trepidation. I was of course hoping to come away with a positive and beneficial experience and I was not disappointed.

Kasham and her assistants led the retreat with a calm, collected and highly attentive approach. I found each of them inspiring in different ways bringing a special element to the journey. It was well organised, in a beautiful remote and serene location and all the elements came together well to deliver a holistic experience that has positively impacted me with lasting effect.

It was a balance between a personal journey, with plenty of opportunity for solo time, journaling, walks alongside a lot of group activities, games, sharing and music.

These sessions pre and post medicine were a way to honestly address personal things in my life holding me back and provide new perspectives and resolutions.

Some of these really took me out of my comfort zone. And I am grateful that they did. Sharing personal things in my life with the group was challenging at first but I took this as a sign that this is where growth and healing takes place if I were willing to challenge my pre-conceptions, banish the ego and go beyond the veil with the help of the medicine.

The ceremony itself was pretty mesmerising lasting hours. I won’t describe the precise details of my personal journey here but will say it was a journey like no other. Afterwards it was like awaking from the most amazing dream state with a kind of incredible lightness. It took some days to full digest and process.

I appreciated sharing the experience with a diverse group of authentic, brave and inspiring folks who supported each other. This was a beautiful element to see develop throughout the retreat.

There was also introductory yoga, meditation and breathwork sessions which were great but I personally would have liked even more opportunity for more advanced guided meditation and yoga. Perhaps as an optional extra for those wanting it. Difficult with the time as there was quite a lot going on!

Overall I would recommend the retreat, particularly for those new to plant medicine and interested in developing themselves in a safe setting. Kasham has a gift and I am grateful for her guidance and assembling this beautiful introduction to the therapeutic power of plant medicine. – Anonymous

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