I write this review two weeks after returning from a truly life changing retreat with Kasham. My focus for retreat revolved around healing and spiritual growth. When I saw the retreat schedule upon arrival I thought it had been tailored just for me! I was amazed and impressed with the program of activity tailored to nurture body, mind and soul. What was to be a big part of my retreat experience was seeing the effects of these activities, events and interactions put “into action” over 7 days. What a miracle to be a part of a gathering of 7 of us attending with Kasham, along with Hanna and Douglas, and to see the transformation in all of us in our time together.
I have come away with an invaluable life experience that will serve me well on my life journey. I have reviewed my journaling from retreat and spent time in reflection on how to build on my recent experiences and integrate new practices of self love and care into my life to carry forward and I’m develop further the gift of spiritual awakening. Release from the past has brought new focus, clarity and understanding on a new level. Self discovery and personal development have sprung forward again after feeling “stalled” more recently. I feel a renewed faith and a sense of protection around me coming away from retreat, gifts to be nurtured with a new understanding.

Kasham, your gifts and talents on all levels inspire and amaze. Thank you for helping me see what I needed to progress at this stage of my life journey.

Hanna, thank you for my tattoo ceremony and your support and guidance throughout the retreat. You are such a talented, nurturing, beautiful spirit.

Douglas, thank you for your healing words and touch and your guidance and support throughout the retreat. You are wise beyond your years, keep sharing that knowledge!

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