Lisa R.

Dearest Kasham, thank you so much for this wonderful and very deep experience. I have been wanting to try magical mushrooms for a long time now and so glad I found your offer and joined the ceremony. I was able to release a lot of stuck emotions (of which I didn’t think I still have) and got supported in releasing them to let go of my past for being able to re-build the trust in myself and my new mission. It was amazing to experience the possibility of being 100% in the now – what is otherwise only possible after yearlong & daily meditation (which I do). The effect even lasted on the next day where I felt super relaxed and was able to „deep-dive“ into getting work done with so much ease, focus and flow. Even after hours of work I did not feel exhausted at all and still totally fresh. Also the fears which I did not have for a long time, but kept showing up due to a traumatic life-event and big changes I went through are seen to fade more into the background so I have more power to let my light shine again. Another interesting effect was that after the ceremony-day I felt my eyesight even was sharper (even though it was already great before) – maybe it was due to a total nervous system relaxation/reset?

Thank you so much for holding space, being supportive, warm and honest. I feel a deep connection and how much you love what you do. I look forward to joining you on the next experience 🙏✨❤️ Deep, deep gratitude! Sat Nam, Lisa

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