Typically our satisfaction in life is made up of a formula of Expectations / Reality = Happiness…

I can honestly say that the experience was perfectly imperfect! As an experienced Psychonaught on their healing journey, I sought a more natural, holistic and earthy experience that was open, engaging and accepting. As apposed to an authentic and serious round trip to South America or a fancy holiday resort type one that’s perhaps more luxury, up market and relative to an existing lifestyle in the contemporary west.

I would certainly say I received just that! Kashams wisdom, experience & love resonated and held the space magically throughout and the gifted Claire’sentient, really does ‘just know’. The balance of Order & Chaos was captured ideally between organisation and spontaneity… flexibly dynamic, bespoke & tailored whilst retaining a rough outline of ‘knowing’ and being able to prepare.

The retreat itself, although 3rd party, definitely delivers a humbling & “leveller” to take you back to nature in the ways of old. The other participants were screened well and they had nothing but complimentary superlatives to offer as well as their character and nature to create a loving, accepting & fun energy. As always with medicine, anyone who is anyone is going to be there and those who need to be, will be.

The food was inspiring also as our chef, a devote whole foods consumer wonderfully offered homely service and a diverse range of flavour and nutrition.

The education from the facilitators along side the facility was fit for purpose! Other than some husbandry & logistical elements such as (don’t forget paracetamol, a warm layer and insect repellent, there is nothing else to think about) the only downside I figured was a lack of air-conditioning but this will be subjective & preference.

The handling & prescribing of the medicine is procured professionally, of higher quality and deeply thought out so nothing to worry about there. The before and aftercare is optimised for integration and the group size functional to allow for dipping in and out for being vulnerable , Introvert, Ambivert or Extrovert.

Would definitely consider again and recommend if you’re suited to a more earthy & natural get away! The landowners efforts is nothing short of inspiring if living & building from the land is a new concept for you.

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