The retreat itself was amazing with a beautiful team of healers namely Kasham, Kathleen,Douglas and Bridgette. The setting is beautiful with people who actually connect with the medecine and who care. It was beyond my expectations. They do look after you, accompanying you on your journey. I also had a 1 to 1 with Kasham and that was very therapeutic and healing. It was like having a 100 hr therapy session in a matter of 6 hours. It was very personal, I connected to my traumas, inner child and also a higher conscious. The insight I gained over the weekend has been transforming. The integration is vital and they carry that after the ceremony too and are available well after you leave too. I’ve done a lot of recovery and healing work in my life but this has been transforming. I will continue to integrate the healing into my life from the insights I gained
I like to thank the whole team, my new family. Mubashir

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