My wife and I attended the 4-day retreat in October 2022, where there 9 of us in total, who were all there for personal reasons, but shared a common theme…to address some person issues that were holding us back from moving forward in our own journeys. The 4 days were important because everything was leading to the right to use the psilocybin medicine for the right reasons, for the respect that this most fantastic fungi has in its natural properties.

To have gelled with the entire group, instantly, was a real eye opener for us all, and we have ll determined to reunite at our home in Scotland, next spring…and Kasham will be the guest if honour, such is our total respect for her. Personally, Kasham took what seemed to me to be a personal interest in some problems in my history that didn’t seem to me to a problem until the medicine showed me a way to identify that in actual fact…there were some major trauma in my past that were actually such a problem that these traumas were hidden away in a deep part of me that I was ignoring. Kasham recognised this, and helped guide me through what was actually a pretty upsetting moment at the time. But now, well…just wow!! I am a changed man. I continue to process exactly what I went through during the most outstanding 4 days.

To quote someone else, following the mushroom day, it was like having 10,000 therapy sessions in 8 hours!! There is still some way to go, as with my wife, but we feel the floodgates have been opened to a journey of personal rediscovery. We will definitely return to another retreat with Kasham, and we are recommending her retreat to other friends and family, who we feel would benefit from knowing and attending Kasham and her retreats. We feel so blessed to have discovered Kasham, who provides outstanding personal care, in a structured journey and at affordable prices. We cannot wait to see her again and she will be made most welcome at our holiday cottages up in the majesty that is Scotland, next year. This retreat comes highly recommended by my wife and I, and we would encourage anyone who would like to become a better version of themselves to sign up to Kasham’s outstanding services. Aho 💕

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