Thank you Kasham, Hanna, and Duggie for this magical experience. I have never felt safer and more protected by the love, kindness, and wisdom of your beautiful spirits. For someone like me, who is locked in her own world and finds it difficult to meet new people, having a group retreat was a truly humbling and inspiring experience. It really made me realize that we all struggle, we are all lost at times, but we are all unique and beautiful, and we don’t have to be alone on this journey called life, and with the guidance of Kasham, truly shamanic energy, we can find balance. It was a beautiful thing to lose the illusion of control and let whatever came to me because once I accepted that it wasn’t about what I wanted, but what I needed, I found a peaceful place in my heart, my home.
I am incredibly grateful to the universe for the opportunity to make this journey and meet these wonderful souls. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart to Kasham for sharing your wisdom with us and connecting us to medicine; Hanna for your loving kindness and your hand-poked tattoo; Duggie for your freedom, your childlike innocence, and your healing music. Forever grateful. – Gosia

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