We came to this retreat as a couple. We both felt really supported and well guided. The process was very clear, very professional and very considerate. We were impressed by the degree of attention to detail and how comprehensive the retreat was. It was a full and complete experience, including the preparation before the actual retreat as well as the follow up session Kasham provides. The vegetarian food was delicious and nutritious complementing the quality of the retreat. The programme was varied, thoughtful and beautifully considered. Kasham, together with Douglas, provided a safe and loving environment in which we could go deep and also connect in a really positive way with other retreat participants. The exercises in the retreat were very conducive to opening up and self exploration. A really great vibe was created and we felt fantastic by the end of the retreat. We will fondly remember this retreat. What we have learned is still being processed. We felt the level of Kasham’s expertise and wisdom strongly. To add to this, Douglas was joyous and liberating with his amazing musical talents as well as his inspiring attitude to life. We thoroughly recommend this retreat to those wanting to go to a new level of self exploration and personal growth. -Anonymous

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