Taking a plant medicine retreat with Kasham has been a profoundly moving and life changing experience for me. She has an amazing contact with, and knowledge of, the medicine and even more importantly; a clear understanding of all beings around her. The retreat was perfectly constructed to make all participants feel included, connected and introduced to the important medicines in a safe and respectful way. Kasham and her excellent assistant supported us throughout the process. We were held the entire way. There was never a moment when I felt lost. Kasham’s incredible intuition always let her know when she was needed, and she was there for us. Helping to heal all our different pains. Kasham deeply cares about each person she is in contact with, and she sees exactly what they need in the moment. This was a true blessing to experience and to witness. Space was made for us to be the individual people we were, with our fears and questions, and support was given to help us connect to the work, the plants and each other – to help us grow. – Nina

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